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About Us

The company was founded in 2002.

Owner and CEO Heinrich van Gerve started cutting trees with a nonprofit organization “People for Wildlife”. Cutting down invader tree species. He saw the need for cutting and removing of trees in residential areas in a safe and professional way and started his own tree felling company. Treemen has grown from strength to strength over the last 16 years and today has a dedicated team of trained professionals staff. We recently partnered with Johannes Fourie which is now part of our growing team.

Heinrich van Gerve is a QTRA (Quantified Tree Risk Assessment) certified practitioner specializing in the health of big established trees.

Company Policies

Treemen offers safe, efficient and professional tree removal and tree stump removal services as well as other services to enhance the beauty of your property.

Our goal is to provide quality work and superior customer service at a good price.

How do we do this?

Promptly arriving at the site and providing dependable service

Using minimally invasive procedures to quickly and smoothly complete projects with as little disruption to your property as possible.

Providing honest, high-quality work at a competitive price while providing excellent communications and customer service.

State of the art and well-maintained professional equipment. 


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Hein van Gerve - Tree work

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Hannes Fourie - Transport & Tree care

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